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Things We Build


An open source Time Series Database (TSDB) built for increased scalability, high performance and efficiency
  • Written in Rust, sustainable and safe
  • Cluster version open sourced, scale-as-you-go
  • Support Python and SQL
  • Sub-Second analytical queries
  • Well-Integrated with existing data stack

Greptime Cloud

Fully managed by Greptime that delivers elastic and cost-efficient GreptimeDB service
  • Easy and quick provisioning
  • Collaborative
  • Instant data ingestion from various sources
  • Deployed on Multi-cloud
  • FREE Upgrades, Backup, and Security Fix

Scenarios We Fit

Cloud Observability

Securely stores key metrics from your monitoring platforms and applications.

Internet of Things

Ingests huge volumes of data from IoT sensors, including industrial, environmental, and electric vehicles, etc.

Capital Markets

Provides real-time analysis of high frequency financial and tick data.